Eco Life

At Raku, our vision is to promote the concept of ECO LIFE, which encompasses Health, ECO and Style. ECO LIFE is achieved through the use of igusa (rush), a natural fiber material which brings the elements of nature, style and health into present day living spaces. We are here to help our customers and the community gain a more prosperous and healthy lifestyle with products that have substance and purpose.

Igusa (rush) has been in use for over 1,500 years. It is mainly used in what are known as tatami mats (an igusa covering packed with straw), which can be found in most Japanese homes. Igusa is renewable, sustainable and biodegradable.

Today, with strong western and modern architecture influence, modern Japanese igusa rugs are a strong representation of a bold, vibrant, natural fiber-type flooring.

We are dedicated to promoting a healthy way of living through our igusa products so future generation may live in a clean and safe environment.